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MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday reported that 11 people who had close contact with a Filipina nurse who was diagnosed with deadly Middle East Respiratory SyndromeCorona Virus (MERSCoV) and have exhibited symptoms of the disease have tested negative.
Parents were told early yesterday and offered advice and packs of flu drug Tamiflu if their children had been in close contact with the affected boy.
Japan's foreign and finance ministers said Friday they will maintain close contact with the United States on issues such as the financial crisis and the North Korean denuclearization issue as Washington begins preparations for the transition to the first Democratic president in eight years.
These hairs, when in close contact with a surface, induce intermolecular attractive forces called van der Waals forces between themselves and the surface (SN: 7/15/00, p.
The League has also worked to maintain close contact with the participants from the Brazil project.
"In addition, she maintains close contact with each client, briefing them on the loan's status while the documents are in our pipeline prior to settlement.
Every person who came into close contact with the students from Strathclyde University in Glasgow will be offered protection against the potentially fatal illness.
Persons at risk from vaccination need to be aware of other precautions as well, since one can get this infection not only by being vaccinated, but also by close contact (especially household contact) with someone who has been vaccinated within about three weeks.
These providers of "advice and ideas," said Beichman, had convened their "first session" with the future president in April 1998 and maintained close contact with him throughout the next two years.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Smith has been deputising for Mr Brown, though the Chancellor has kept in close contact with his department throughout his absence from Westminster.
A house which takes the Arts and Crafts principle of clearly identifying the main components of its owners lives and putting them in close contact with nature.
The Canadian foreign minister called for close contact with Japan over North Korea's reported plan to test-fire a new missile, saying the missile problem is also a concern for Canada.