close correspondence

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She had always kept up a close correspondence with her brother, and the accounts she heard of Prince Alphege made her long to become acquainted with so charming a nephew.
It was he who had kept up an unaccountable and close correspondence with a young lady whose whole letter-bag was intercepted, by the extraordinary trick of photographing his messages infinitesimally small upon the slides of a microscope.
"The close correspondence between the predictions and observed trends gave us confidence that this is a real phenomenon," Gebbie says.
The results showed close correspondence, so for simplicity we report only analysis of variance results.
Yet within this close correspondence, subtler signs of generational division become acute.
As the computational mechanisms underlying this component are still unclear, we recently related the N400 to a model of word meaning and observed a close correspondence between N400 amplitudes and semantic network error.
Since the start of 2015, there has been a close correspondence between the accumulation and liquidation of hedge fund positions and short-term movements in oil prices.
David Langhorne, director of property services at Your Homes Newcastle said: "We are continuing our close correspondence with Wates and are satisfied with the current site operations which will enable Wates and its supplier to complete their investigation as to the factors behind the incident that took place on Saturday."
How can we explain this close correspondence? It appears that Travell had rediscovered an ancient system first espoused by Sun Simiao in the 7th century.
"The widths of the tree rings show a close correspondence with observations from rain gauges over the last 55 years, such that tree rings in wetter years tend to be wider than tree rings in drier years."
According to the "Smorfia" ("The Grimace"), a chart that interprets the cabalistic meaning of numbers, there is a close correspondence between acts, events, gestures and animals - which often occur in dreams - to numbers.
While the curators do acknowledge the close correspondence between conceptualism and sound art (philosopher Christoph Cox is preparing a thorough study on their mutual development in the 1960s), few artists in the exhibitions explore the radical possibilities of a completely dematerialized sound art, i.e., one without hardware.