close down

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Fuat Avni claimed last week that President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an is planning to confiscate property belonging to the CHP with the eventual goal of forcing the Constitutional Court to close down the party.
They are either transferred to other programmes or the institutes close down only after the last batch graduates," said an AICTE official.
BEIRUT: Hilton International denied Thursday media reports that it intends to close down one of its Beirut hotels, reassuring that its two partner companies in Lebanon are fully operational.
But McLeish insisted the reason the midfielder was hauled off at half-time was his inability to close down effectively because of an ankle injury.
When you close down a post office you close down a community," said CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes.
Their blog/webmasters do it because it's a bit of a blast and because it won't do anyone harm if they decide Antarctic rock climbing is more interesting and so close down their site/blog.
A HUGE police presence is in place to deal with protesters who have vowed to close down Britain's biggest coal-fired power station.
CHIEF Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe says he is disappointed after Merseyside Police's request to close down one of the city's nightclubs was refused.
said its Argentina subsidiary would stop writing new life insurance business, close down branch offices and eliminate about 650 jobs, after determining the business isn't profitable enough.
And Ben Aladdin looks likely to close down aftercomplaints that no one could find it.
In 2001, in a move that surprised people nationwide, the town tried unsuccessfully to close down a performance of the innocuous Naked Boys Singing, saying it violated Provincetown's vague anti-adult entertainment bylaw.