close identification

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The people's strength is tied to their close identification with homestead and land as well as a commitment to keeping the Basque language and culture alive.
Close identification of the bladder neck between the prostate and bladder is the key for small neck outlet, which helps perform VUA.
Our close identification with Chinatown will make Savills not just an important business presence but a valued community one also.
The Sinhalese ideology upheld the necessity to have centralization of powers and close identification of the nation state with Sinhalese community.
Commenting on a monkey trying to extinguish a candle with a fart in the Rohan-Strasbourg scheme--a common 18th-century singerie motif absent at Chantilly--Garnier-Pelle characterises the rooms at Chantilly as the most 'restrained' of the surviving Huet schemes; even so, their close identification between humans and monkeys, often surprisingly dignified, is uniquely unsettling.
Tasanobu Takayanagi's whooshing, zooming handheld camerawork to editor Jay Cassidy's jumpy, hyper-caffeinated rhythms, the intent is clearly to bring the viewer into close identification with Pat's troubled but weirdly upbeat mindset.
It's not necessary to knowas Lispector's first readers of course did not knowthat Joana's story resembles her creator's in several details (both are motherless; both have a trusted teacher; both grow up to have ill-fated love affairs) in order to sense the very close identification between author and character.
In deflecting any close identification between the viewer and his subjects, he suggests the impossibility of a comprehensive grasp on such a convoluted situation.
A fatal weakness of the churches was their close identification with the ruling group, whether colonialist before 1962 or Hutu authoritarian rule afterward.
Perhaps most importantly for his future national prospects, he hails from outside of Washington-a strong asset to a party that has been suffered from its close identification with Beltway politics.
Close identification of the Jewish people with Israel was never a given.
The corner shop was a part of the fabric of urban life in Britain long before it acquired the close identification with the Asian community which has characterised it in recent decades.