close investigation

See: scrutiny
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She submitted impatiently to the close investigation of which he made her the object.
The rain had washed away all possibility of distinguishing foot-marks, but a close investigation of the spot had disclosed, in the direction opposite to the village, a tinder-box, with a flint and steel, half sunk in the mud.
A close investigation demonstrated to me that there was nothing missing from them.
Where on the face of the earth can we find a spot, on which close investigation will not discover signs of that endless cycle of change, to which this earth has been, is, and will be subjected?
By a process of self-revelation, and almost without the aid of dialogue, the heart of a man who could neither desire nor endure any close investigation is discovered and ascertained in all its intricacies, with the certainty of navigators tracing the line and bearings of an unknown shore.
While it is inevitable that there will be a lot of accusations hurled against Afghans, this aspect needs close investigation, and it needs determining how many CNICs were issued to Indians working for their intelligence agencies.
It wasn't in the garden, nor the tool shed or the garage, and neither was it, as our youngest announced following close investigation, in the wardrobe.
Nationwide Coalition Responds As FTC Votes 3-1 To Close Investigation Of Mega-PBM Merger
Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes said the one-handed cleric was already under close investigation.
But a close investigation of the conservatory bearing that name reveals an unusual royal link.
But only a "tiny proportion" of the British files are under close investigation at any one time.
The system needs close investigation and regulations tightening up.