close look

See: scrutiny
References in classic literature ?
Inside that rolling box, turning towards that recovered presence with her heart too full for words she felt the desire of tears she had managed to keep down abandon her suddenly, her half-mournful, half-triumphant exultation subside, every fibre of her body, relaxed in tenderness, go stiff in the close look she took at his face.
A close look is taken by Applying Data Center Infrastructure Management in Colocation Data Centers, a white paper from Emerson Avocent, takes a close look at what these benefits are and helps managers make smart decisions around their environments.
He says the five-day seminar gave him a close look into the workings of Congress and informed him on how best to engage policymakers.
More than 400 experiments encourage young people to take a close look at themselves and the world around them.
So, when you do your Before PMCS, take a close look at the gasket on the fuel cap.
THE SOUL OF CHRISTIANITY: RESTORING THE GREAT TRADITION takes a close look at modern society, morals, and spirituality with an eye to using stories and personal anecdotes to reveal how the teachings of Christianity remain relevant in a modern secular world.
The Quantum Quark is a close look at quantum chromodynamics that does not require an extensive mathematics or physics background of the reader.
Outside, a close look at the building's faded pink facade reveals a succession of shoddy paint jobs, poorly maintained architectural details, and damage from World War II bombing.
Addressing topics such as the necessary training for a Christian teacher, the values and goals of Christian education both within the home and the church, a close look at what is appropriate as a curriculum for children from infancy to the teenager years, and much more, Our Church And Our Children presents solid insights with the wisdom that comes directly from long years of experience.
The study concludes with a close look at the market shares of the top CRT and LCD monitor vendors in the United States and worldwide.
Most importantly, the commission has decided to take a close look at the economic impact of auditor liability regimes, although it is not convinced that the harmonization of national liability regimes is either feasible or beneficial to audit quality.