close observance

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The countenance of the first-named gentleman, peculiarly intelligent at all times, acquired great additional interest from his close observance of the game, and his attentive perusal of Mr.
Among his various eccentric habits he had a humorous one of always cheating at cards, which rendered necessary on his part, not only a close observance of the game, and a sleight-of-hand in counting and scoring, but also involved the constant correction, by looks, and frowns, and kicks under the table, of Richard Swiveller, who being bewildered by the rapidity with which his cards were told, and the rate at which the pegs travelled down the board, could not be prevented from sometimes expressing his surprise and incredulity.
Not to forget, "patience and close observance to your surroundings", Alsofi adds.
Seifert eventually became one of the opponents of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia after the World War II, which led to his being placed under close observance of its secret police and to the censorship of his books during the period.
For Jamtsho, contesting for NC was not a sudden decision but a culmination of his close observance of the functioning of democratically elected leaders for the last decade.
This is undertaken in close observance of the significant role of women and youth, and the need to include them in all activities, not only as recipients, but rather as active participants in the community development process.
Virgile played with the idea of going further and introducing biodynamics, with its homeopathic treatments and close observance of the moon, stars and planets, but he came to the conclusion that its finicky prescriptions run counter to the common-sense country lore that Rudolph Steiner, the founder of biodynamics, and his followers wanted to get back to.
This despite the fact that he'd missed the first part and would therefore need to assemble some vague grasp of the facts mainly through a close observance of Warren Clarke's facial contortions.
It is a rare skill to use the crime novel to bring ancient history to life, but Davis does just that with more guile, humour and close observance of human frailties than Time Team ever could.
Taking close observance of the condition of farm plots in the sub-zones of Tesseni, Golij and Barentu, and passing through the sub-zones of Shambuko and Molqi, President Isaias headed to the Southern regional Administration for a similar tour of inspection.