close relation

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References in classic literature ?
It was novelty enough, indeed, that there were fifty human beings in close relation with them, under one long and narrow roof, and drawn onward by the same mighty influence that had taken their two selves into its grasp.
After the above facts, we are compelled to conclude, against anterior probability, [8] that among the mammalia there exists no close relation between the bulk of the species, and the quantity of the vegetation, in the countries which they inhabit.
But this superadded consciousness, wearying and annoying enough when it urged on me the trivial experience of indifferent people, became an intense pain and grief when it seemed to be opening to me the souls of those who were in a close relation to me--when the rational talk, the graceful attentions, the wittily-turned phrases, and the kindly deeds, which used to make the web of their characters, were seen as if thrust asunder by a microscopic vision, that showed all the intermediate frivolities, all the suppressed egoism, all the struggling chaos of puerilities, meanness, vague capricious memories, and indolent make-shift thoughts, from which human words and deeds emerge like leaflets covering a fermenting heap.
Another little set with which Anna was in close relations was the one by means of which Alexey Alexandrovitch had made his career.
Living in such close relations, to meet meant to fall into endearment; flesh and blood could not resist it; and, having arrived at no conclusion as to the issue of such a tendency, he decided to hold aloof for the present from occupations in which they would be mutually engaged.
The officer could come to no conclusion as to the capacity of the head, which was covered by a close cap; but hidden though it was, it seemed to him to be one of the square-shaped kind that gave rise to the expression "square-headed." Genestas was accustomed to read the indications that mark the features of men destined to do great things, since he had been brought into close relations with the energetic natures sought out by Napoleon; so he suspected that there must be some mystery in this life of obscurity, and said to himself as he looked at the remarkable face before him:
"Peru and Morocco have developed in recent years a very close relation (...) and Peru is ready to strengthen it," he said.
"We value our close relation with Lebanon," he added, "Lebanon will always be a place for freedom, and a meeting point of all sects."
Mr Hain yesterday said he was not criticising the decision to remove Saddam and said he accepted the Prime Minister had an "absolute duty" to have a close relation with Mr Bush.
The breed is a close relation to the Great White and is usually found in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Elsewhere, the recent collaboration with Chris Martin has clearly rubbed off, with Words Just Get In Tehe Way a close relation of Coldplay's Fix You.
And so all these works take on further coherence; a telescope used to view the light of a star comes into close relation to an elderly hand against a young face, just as a precise geometric module is seen to be connected to the ephemeral variability of a metaphor for the brain.