close study

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Such being the case, it would have been truly absurd to exact from them much in the way of mental exertion; having short memories, dense intelligence, feeble reflective powers, they recoiled with repugnance from any occupation that demanded close study or deep thought.
Ever since he had made a close study of insanity, the good man had met with many examples of the prophetic faculty and the gift of second sight, proofs of which are frequently given by alienated minds, and which may also be found, so travellers say, among certain tribes of savages.
Houston shows that attention to the position and physical experiences of beholders has long informed art historical analysis, and argues that close study of the theme can lead to a fuller understanding of the discipline, of the act of viewership, and of individual works of art.
But the process is slow, requiring close study of shocking images by scientists and police.
A close study of how four states (Michigan, West Virginia, Washington, and North Carolina) have created early education systems with a positive effect reveals how quality preschool education can be effectively delivered through proven strategies.
He has made a close study of Mozart's compositional procedures, and on this basis written new completions of the fragmentary Lacrymosa and Ossana fugues on a broader scale than any previous attempted.
These partnerships between government and farmers are so successful they are now the subject of close study interstate and overseas.
As they begin to take control of their lives the monochrome pages give way to multi-coloured illustrations, full of humorous detail, which rewards close study and rereading.
It is 192 pages long, a manageable length for close study, is written by South Australian, Allayne L.
A close study will reveal that both have ignored some of their major defects that have been repeatedly pulling them down.
A source in the Arroyo camp admitted that filing a motion asking the Sandiganbayan to allow her to attend the renewal of vows of the Velarde couple will be subjected to close study.
The marginal notes came under close study, and the researchers figured out that they were entered by one Gabriel Hummelberg, but they were not his thoughts or lecture notes; instead, they were copied from the original book and were written by Glareanus himself.