close the curtain

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Well, close the curtains, Nelly,' she said; 'and bring up tea.
Course, you can't close the curtain if the snap fastener studs and hook-and-pile tape are missing or damaged.
Rather than close the curtain or dim the lights the stage was left in full view as half a dozen stagehands carried off Noddy's house etc as hundreds of confused children asked their parents: "Who are those men and where are they taking Noddy's car?
They had to stop the show and close the curtain so that they could drag me off the stage.
I am going to close the curtain on the joke that is the Audley Harrison show.
He made students close the curtain before sending the teacher and all but four students out of the room, then called police himself.
Brady will bring back Blink 182, Blu Cantrell, Bush, The O'Jays, Pink and Busta Rhymes for encore performances, while Clark will close the curtain on the activities in Times Square.
As liberal as the Dutch are, at least they close the curtains and you don't see anything.
Ask them to park their car on your driveway, open and close the curtains each day and pick up your post from the doormat.
That, using Moyes' own terminology, was one of those days when it is best to close the curtains and pull a blanket over your head; when all the brickbats hurled in his side's direction were warranted.