close thought

See: care, diligence
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Anonymous FC picked up three points, beating Huyton Hotspurs 11-7 in a close thought game.
He has been a close thought partner of mine and has been at the center of our most successful business strategies.
But having learned a brand new skill, and done a good job - my mates in the close thought it wasn't a bad job when they saw the size of the hole and the finished results - I feel quite smug.
He said: "It's very early on and it needs close thought.
Mrs Crilly added that she and husband Paul of Bolton Close thought the donation was "wonderful".
At first, residents of Yewdale Crescent and Felton Close thought the deaths had been caused by carbon monoxide poisoning after a gas leak.
As the year comes to a close thoughts return to the 2015 season on our local rivers.