close union

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Casaubon it was a new pain, he never having been on a wedding journey before, or found himself in that close union which was more of a subjection than he had been able to imagine, since this charming young bride not only obliged him to much consideration on her behalf (which he had sedulously given), but turned out to be capable of agitating him cruelly just where he most needed soothing.
The fact that the date of Guadalupe's beatification, May 18, is also the anniversary of her First Holy Communion seems to me a divine coincidence that highlights the close union between the Eucharist and personal holiness.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will close Union Creek Road on May 11 and 12, 2018.
A CLOSE union ally of Jeremy Corbyn today accuses Labour MPs of using the row over anti-Jewish prejudice in the party to undermine him.
My sanctity and perfection consist on the close union of my will with the Will of God' (Diary 1107).
"So today, I appeal to you with a call to fight." "I call on you to resist the choice made for you by a bunch of political mavericks who are being financed by oligarchs." Aksyonov said he was "deeply convinced" that the future of southeastern Ukraine "rested in a close union with the Russian Federation -- a political, economic and cultural union".
The celibate life, one that is lived in close union with the Lord, prepares one extremely well for the supreme sacrifice of one's life if this is the path that the Lord leads His faithful disciples to follow.
"A close union strengthens an individual's or group's self confidence especially when supported by religious values.
Will the close union vote at a chain of MediaNews Group papers outside San Francisco mean tough bargaining times ahead for the nine-paper group and its new guild local?
A close union vote on a proposed new contract has spurred Eugene Water & Electric Board officials to publicly question whether the union has sufficient membership support for a strike.
From the point of view of reception (if not of production) this author emerges in his shorter poems as a clerically oriented producer of pious literature, for whom, however, there was no wavering or conflict between courtly and religious values, but rather a close union. Karl Bertau considers the rich, but scattered and impenetrable manuscript transmission of the Goldene Schmiede of Konrad von Wurzburg.
One executive with close union ties says the unions are taking careful note of the fact that three of the Big Four broadcast networks are part of showbiz congloms that include a major studio in the corporate mix.