close watch

See: prudence
References in classic literature ?
What we can do is simply to concentrate all our available strength, keep a close watch on the enemy, and obtain reinforcements.
These preparations were concluded about five o'clock in the evening, while sentinels kept close watch around the island, and the boats of the Resolute patrolled the channel.
If ever adventure was well damned, it was by Sheldon, sweating in the windless grass and fighting gnats, the while he kept close watch up and down the avenue.
Keep a close watch on them therefore; and dispatch one of your comrades, the lightest of foot, to bring the news of the yeomen thereabout.
A close watch had to be kept upon all the poor remnants and fragments, to prevent embezzlement.
We depend upon you, you know, to keep a close watch upon him.
Ay, marry," said Prior Vincent, smacking his lips after a deep draught of wine, "I have kept a close watch upon him, albeit he was unawares of the same, and I know right well that he hath no money to pay me withal.
Erum Bhatti urged parents to enrol their children in schools and keep a close watch over their activities.
The Philippine government is maintaining a regular close watch over Scarborough Shoal,' Foreign Affairs Acting Secretary Enrique Manalo told reporters here in a press briefing on Wednesday.
All bird sanctuaries and areas where there are lakes have been advised to keep a close watch on the situation and in case of any suspicious death of birds, the State Government and the Centre may be notified.
Nasscom has said it sees no immediate reason to revise forecast of 10-12 per cent revenue growth in IT exports for FY17, but is keeping a close watch on factors like Britain's exit from the EU and its ripple effect on demand for technology services.
Over a dozen Mumbai police personnel will keep a close watch on the proceedings to see if any underworld elements attend the function," a police official told mid- day.