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They can develop their social skills, communication skills and take part in teamwork because it is such a close-knit community
This is a good little area, we're close-knit and this is just a terrible thing."
Ellen won three Emmys for her role as the loving matriarch of a close-knit Virginia family during the Depression - which is still running on Channel 4.
NICK BERRY, above, stars as harbour master of the close-knit south coast community of Bridehaven.
The happy 15-year-old's life was wiped out in hours as an outbreak of the terrifying killer meningitis swept the close-knit border town of Monaghan.
The men's commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Sharpe, said: "As a close-knit family regiment, we are devastated."
She was one of a close-knit gang of seven who met at Elton Junior School before moving to Helsby.
We are a close-knit team but now we are setting our sights a little higher."
"I am sure she and her husband had a close-knit relationship," she said.
Fighting back tears, head Susan Owen said a dark cloud had fallen over the close-knit school, which has just 48 pupils.
Aime Jacquet's close-knit squad have had Cantona rammed down their throats by the English since they arrived.
It doesn't matter what your political persuasion is, the multi-million pound centre is a good thing, and one that signals the regeneration of Tillydrone, one of the city's most close-knit, but under-valued, neighbourhoods.