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In pit villages especially those subtle differences exist, because they were very close-knit communities who wouldn't really stray into another town, so there was no outside influences on their accents.
But Dr Davidson said the community was pulling together strongly because it was so close-knit.
Huge object buildings and urban highways crashed down into parts of its ancient centre, breaking up its traditional close-knit texture, and destroying much of its urban culture.
We realized how close-knit the skateboarding family really was, and still is today.
I am new in this editor-in-chief's chair, and truth to tell it feels less like a throne than a pilot's seat of some fantastic vehicle: part Good Humor truck providing eye candy to some and brain freezes to others; part city bus transporting readers to another place, with new sights and ideas to absorb along the way; part rocket to outer space, with a close-knit crew always searching for what's out there.
People experiencing domestic violence in villages or small towns often suffer in silence because or poor access to support services and information, according to the Warwickshire Rural Community Council study, entitled Isolated Incidents, which says some victims may be afraid to speak out because they live in close-knit communities.
Is a national team as close-knit as a college team?
Close-knit extended families and cultural injunctions to eat nutritious foods and avoid drugs and divorce may safeguard the health of recent immigrants from Mexico, Escobar suggests.
Similarly, Singapore's Kuok Group, a major property developer, gained speedy approvals for a project after selling their plan to the SLORC's close-knit clique of ruling generals.
Despite the lack of a defining manifesto, the largely Toronto-based filmmakers existed through a close-knit sense of cooperation, the kind rarely seen in Canada since the growth of Quebec cinema in the early 1960s.