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Nearly half, or 49% of Americans prefer a wide, toothy, ear-to-ear smile over a mysterious grin (26%), close-mouthed smile (9%) or smirk (9%).
According to the New York Daily News, on the Republican ticket, JAKKS has replicated Mitt Romney's grey-streaked mane and running-mate Paul Ryan's close-mouthed grin.
Blue Fang's founders and employees alike remain somewhat close-mouthed as to the specifics of their new game.
Careful not to divulge any of their investigative tactics or successes, police have remained close-mouthed about how many bodies will be exhumed or when the exhumations will occur.
They suggest that pharmaceuticals is an industry with a compelling success story to tell, but remains close-mouthed, paranoid and often turns a deaf ear to press queries.
When the tall, slender brunette was reached by the San Francisco Examiner, she couldn't have been more sweet or more close-mouthed, the newspaper said.
But no one will talk because people in the movie industry are close-mouthed about their medical histories,'' Lawrence said.
For Dodgers fans, that close-mouthed attitude has only heightened the questions they have.
We were so close-mouthed about our needs for replacement solvents and solvents with new or better properties that we were no help to them.
It's just a long, long, slow kiss, dry, close-mouthed,'' Caleb Followill said.
The close-mouthed pair did not converse even when they ate.
Being close-mouthed about its leadership problems gives the impression that the Army's leaders care more about the feelings of generals than the support of the American people.