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387 Avenida de los Arboles, Thousand Oaks; rodent infestation, unsanitary conditions; closed Feb.
With director Mike Kotch dissenting, a board majority last week voted to use legal force to ban Dunn from closed meetings that discuss his wife's lawsuit, after his repeated demands for the past six months that a court order be used to force his recusal.
4) A line of cars and trucks exits the northbound Golden State Freeway after it was closed Monday.
Point Mugu State Park Back Country also is closed until further notice.
I told everybody, having spent eight years on the City Council, I totally understand what a closed session is for,'' he said.
iv) a semi-preopen set [2] ([beta]-open [1]) if [Asubset or equal to] cl(int(cl(A))) and a semi-preclosed ([beta] closed [1]) if int (cl(int(A))) [subset or equal to] A,
School is closed for Years 9 and 10 unless they have been specifically asked to come in for intervention/catch-up work.
Ogmore School - closed - school trip planned for July
Boston, MA) has closed "CFO IT," a quarterly distributed to 450,000 corporate financial executives, while B2B E-Commerce International (Los Angeles, CA), a unit of Line56 Media, has closed "Portals," a bimonthly that offered information and news on e-commerce and enterprise technologies.
Early today, the southbound freeway lanes will be closed from midnight to 4 a.
Transfers that have closed without the tax forms having been submitted to the City Register's Office before these new requirements took effect will also require completion of the tax forms in ACRIS.
Prior to the enactment of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (TRA '97), a taxpayer could hedge against volatility in the value of stock by completing a "short sale against the box," which had no tax consequences until the taxpayer closed the position by returning borrowed shares to the lender.