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BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 11, 2015-Wesleyan implements Sapiens' Closed Book platform
The outsourcing decision has other long-range implications, as well, since future acquisitions may result in similar closed books.
As progress is made by management to increase administration efficiency and to reduce the closed books of business through transactions with outside parties, A.
Swiss Re said it was interested in acquiring some of Resolution's closed books, but stressed it had yet to strike a firm deal with Standard.
A ministry official said overall tax revenue collection is proceeding at the projected pace, but a final assessment must wait until companies that closed books in March pay their corporate taxes in May.
The demerged company, called Chesnara, would continue to sell guaranteed income bonds and provide services to existing policyholders and would probably seek to acquire or manage other closed books of insurance business.
With this you'll be able read closed books without touching them, scan documents without leaving fingerprints, and check enemy agents for hidden weapons under their clothing.
0 million in additional revenues during the year ended August 31, 2008 on account of (1) closed books of business where total collections had exceeded the revenue recorded and (2) settlements reached with insurance carriers for MDR accounts receivable.
6 billion yen in debts in May 1999, which enabled the contractor to liquidate capital deficit on a consolidated basis when it closed books last March.
Wilton Re's revised outlook reflects its very strong risk-adjusted capital position and high quality invested asset portfolio; improved GAAP earnings; its continued success in executing a strategy, which focuses on the acquisition of closed books of business that fit within defined parameters; successful efforts in raising substantial capital in a competitive market environment and a proven ability to provide value added solutions to clients in the life reinsurance arena.
10 billion yen, partly because department stores that closed books Feb.