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A large, prospective study monitored compliance on a daily basis with seven recommended precepts for catheter care, including closed drainage, dependent drainage including proper position of the drainage tubing and collection bag, and protection of the drainage port; the only violation predictive of an increased risk of CAUTI was improper position of the drainage tube, above the level of the bladder or sagging below the level of the collection bag (RR 1.
The Project Scope Of Work Includes Site Preparation And Structure Demolition; Excavation And Embankment; Management And Disposal Of Contaminated Soils; Highway And Bridge Construction; Seawall Replacement; Warm Mix Asphalt And Cement Concrete Pavement; Granite Curbing; Closed Drainage Including Stormwater Treatment Systems, Infiltration Chambers And New Outfalls To Boston Harbor; Roadway And Site Lighting; Sanitary Sewer, Water, Electric And Telecommunications Infrastructure; Security Fencing And Cameras; Landscaping And Urban Design Elements; Ornamental Fencing And Gates; Irrigation; Signage; And Pavement Markings.
Since the planned excavation soles are below the water table, a closed drainage and groundwater lowering is required.