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A comparative study of treatment of chronic subdural hematoma-burr hole drainage versus continuous closed drainage. Indian J Neurotrauma.
At this point, the valve is separated and the urinary bag can be emptied, while maintaining a closed drainage system.
The impact of a povidone-iodine releasing cartridge on UTI as opposed to a standard closed drainage system favoured treatment.
Closed drainage systems continue to be used routinely in many surgical procedures.
A large, prospective study monitored compliance on a daily basis with seven recommended precepts for catheter care, including closed drainage, dependent drainage including proper position of the drainage tubing and collection bag, and protection of the drainage port; the only violation predictive of an increased risk of CAUTI was improper position of the drainage tube, above the level of the bladder or sagging below the level of the collection bag (RR 1.9) (27).
The new facility depended on a closed drainage system that could handle discharge of over 1,200 cfs at the outlet end.
Studies in which erosion and sedimentation were directly measured and their rates determined have typically involved transecting open or closed drainage basins, measuring sediment depth and bulk density, and calculating the amount of erosional sediment present by mass or volume (51,52,58).
1 400 m 2 pavement, - about 1 000 m 2 of carrier screed wall, - open drainage, - closed drainage by vacuum lances, - about 40 pieces of ordnance - sounding vertically, - about 30 pieces of ordnance - probing inclined, - take up old pipes dn 150 - dn 400, remove them and dispose of them, - pick up, transport and dispose of earth cable.
Several alternatives and adjuncts to the use of drains have been explored, including suturing the flaps to the chest wall, fibrin sealant, external compression dressings and intraoperative tetracycline and tranexamic acid and use of depot steroids with varying results and use of closed drainage systems still continues to be the most used modality5,17-20.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: I) To study microbial flora and risk factors associated in patients with catheter associated UTI's, and, II) To identify the Urinary Tract Infections in patients with indwelling urinary catheter of more than 3 days of duration with closed drainage system in different categories of patients like Surgery, Urology, AMCU, Obs & Gyn patients.
The road will be dug up for the installation of a closed drainage system, according to Michael Verseckes, public affairs person for the Mass.