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The Closed Loop Bench offers an array of features that enable real-world testing of aircraft systems without ever leaving the lab.
Customers buying their lunch from M&S will see the Closed Loop Office Recycling logo and details on how consumers can sign up to the scheme on all packaging for its new Food to Go range of sandwiches, salads, deli snacks and soft drinks.
Solo Cup Europe is taking 20 percent of the rPET output from Closed Loop.
We look forward to this Summit as an opportunity to assist Proscape customers in leveraging Proscape Closed Loop Marketing and Microsoft technologies, from Office to Dynamics CRM, to achieve their sales and marketing objectives.
The Dagenham extension reflects expansion plans by bottler Britvic and its preform supplier Constar, who use recycled PET from Closed Loop in Britvic's Drench water bottles.
Eric Renard of Universitaire de Montpellier, France, commented that although overall mean blood glucose concentrations were not significantly different with closed-loop delivery, the fact that the closed loop stabilized blood glucose levels overnight while keeping hypoglycemia to a minimum is "an important step forward for young patients and their parents.
What are the benefits of open loop stored value cards compared to closed loop solutions, cash, checks, and other paper-based systems?
has selected Proscape as their global Closed Loop Marketing strategic technology partner.
Our Closed Loop module is a byproduct of our commitment to enhancing VisiLoanReview to meet our client's strategic and tactical goals.
Only the cooling-tower water is exposed to airborne contaminants, while only the clean water in the closed loops actually passes through the molds and heat exchangers.
Requiring the use of more costly Closed Loop systems, which would consume an incremental 3.
Cooling water in the closed loops is chemically treated at the initial fill to dissolve the solids and keep them in suspension, explains Theys.

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