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Closed-mindedness is capable of killing any country or society, especially when it uses false slogans to justify itself.
Even on the day he died, his friends' closed-mindedness may have prevented him from wanting to continue living.
Even more important, we add deeds to the many valiant words spoken throughout the academy in response to Trump isolationism by standing against closed-mindedness and isolation.
Again, with the skills of a professional mediator, the author lays out the views of those who advocate for war, before exposing the closed-mindedness, vested interests, and profits that are hidden within these arguments.
On a hillside in Nagasaki, there is a stark reminder of this radical closed-mindedness.
Given that few North Americans, to this day, pride themselves on their closed-mindedness, the popularization of open-mindedness is an example of an exceptionally efficacious Western propaganda campaign.
Such vices include gullibility, dogmatism, prejudice, closed-mindedness, and negligence.
But "caution against new entitlements doesn't equal closed-mindedness to new approaches," Pitts said.
Insofar then as the motivated denier's clarity flows naturally from his commitment to a certain worldview, it is the source of the autonomy, dogmatism and closed-mindedness with which he denies the climate change problem.
Verbal insinuations, closed-mindedness, prejudice, discrimination.
It's as if this story was erased from the record and I thought maybe the fact this kind of story was pushed out of history was a reflection of the closed-mindedness to trans people and trans history," he says.
Many teens my age are slowly drifting away from the church and mostly because the church isn't seen as something that is 'cool' In an age where the mind is as open as it can be, religion is being frowned upon for its closed-mindedness.