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Verbal insinuations, closed-mindedness, prejudice, discrimination.
Many teens my age are slowly drifting away from the church and mostly because the church isn't seen as something that is 'cool' In an age where the mind is as open as it can be, religion is being frowned upon for its closed-mindedness.
He stated: "By intellectual vices I mean intellectual character traits such as gullibility, closed-mindedness, prejudice and dogmatism.
Because of their closed-mindedness, Jesus "was not able to perform any mighty deed" for his hometown folks.
Each of the seven featured individuals shares their life story and tells readers how they overcame obstacles and sometimes the most brutal of ordeals to take a stand against poverty, apathy, closed-mindedness, oppression, and prejudice.
Japan's closed-mindedness about the give-and-take of a global economy--make stuff sure, but buy some stuff, too--helped push it into a stock market quagmire 25 years ago from which it has never recovered.
The book can be a valuable reference book for advanced researchers as a thorough compendium of the nuanced positions on such contemporary debates as: the role and nature of the dialectical aspects of argumentation; the possibility of deep disagreements and the possibility of progress in resolving them despite their logical intractability; the best way to distinguish and characterize closed-mindedness, open-mindedness, and fair-mindedness; fallacy analysis and the critical assessment of arguments; and a host of other important topics.
Islam, and all monotheistic faiths, are based on mercy But the religious discourse that dominates today, as a result of its loudness, is hostage to Fatwas of takfeer, zealotry and closed-mindedness on the one hand, and to calls for radicalism, hatred, and sectarian strife (fitna) on the other.
The Brotherhood's ongoing exclusion and marginalisation of opposition and their deliberate closed-mindedness to any attempts at real dialogue demonstrate that the Brotherhood is certainly not seeking to implement democratisation in its rational sense.
Because of this viewpoint the rationalist "scientific" interpreter of scripture must categorically reject the historical value of miracles recorded in the Bible including those of the infancy narratives, and I think that it is this closed-mindedness that robs the old rationalist exegesis of its claims to be scientific.
That image now includes closed-mindedness, contract-breaking, and bowing to pressure .
Ideology does not sound so bad when it is described that way, but it sounds terrible when it is equated with a closed-mindedness that ignores inconvenient facts.