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What we found through this study is that birds that are only distantly related to each other can have very similar traits, and others that are very closely related to each other can look quite different in terms of their traits," Shapiro said.
described new simulations of the interactions of three closely spaced supermassive black holes.
HAT-P-1b circles its parent star very closely--much more closely than Earth circles its own parent star, the sun.
More than 94 percent of people looking for jobs online say they must very closely or closely understand and believe in what a company they might work for does.
If the property more closely resembles a capital asset, it is capital; if it more closely resembles ordinary income property, it is ordinary income.
After L's death, the estate employed an appraisal company (A) to prepare a valuation of L's interests in closely held entities.
Contractor Performance of Acquisition Functions Closely Associated with Inherently Governmental Functions (DFARS Case 2004-D021)
That has caused chimpanzees to disappear along with many closely related African primates.
Because the buildings are in a landmark designation area, we had to work closely with the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
FEI's Committee on Private Companies (CPC) has changed its structure and leadership and is increasing its activities as it strives to represent the needs of approximately 48 percent of FEI members who work for private and closely held companies.
Never before have crop protection manufacturers and industry and government agencies collaborated so closely to prepare for the possibility of attack from a pest," says John Smith, fungicides business manager, Bayer CropScience.