closely acquainted

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By signing these agreements, not only the legal basis for cooperation would be strengthened, but also the business relations would be promoted, while the holiday program would open up possibilities for young people of Lithuania to become more closely acquainted with Colombian cultural diversity and traditions.
Rene Cayetano, used to be closely acquainted with Vargas' group.
Overall, it was very successful and as a result, city residents were closely acquainted with Formula 1," he said.
Vernacular art was increasingly important to the American left, and the couple became closely acquainted with the father-and-son folklorists John and Alan Lomax, who had been travelling the country capturing traditional songs on phonograph.
Daily News Egypt (DNE) conducted a test drive on the Sonata to get closely acquainted with the car's power and performance, in cooperation with GB Ghabbour Auto.
Traditionally, the engagement period in Egypt has been the only culturally acceptable way for a couple to become closely acquainted with one another, since Egyptian conventions of propriety generally prohibit pre-marital relationships.
He said: "I understand that he will leave his work in the White House and I want him to get closely acquainted with the meaning of tolerance of Islam by accepting my offer.
The Forum will also provide an opportunity for participants to get closely acquainted with Azerbaijan, its rich history and culture, said Chretien.
The defendant and the dog became closely acquainted, somewhat closely attached for some time.
The blue tit was getting closely acquainted with one of three webcams at Abergynolwyn on Talyllyn Railway narrow-gauge steam railway, and appeared to be playing peekaboo.
It is worth mentioning that Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al- Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture will meet with a number of Russian cultural institutions officials, by visiting famous Russian museums and to get closely acquainted with the leading and advanced museum experiences in preservation and conservation, training programs and museum education.
Visitors will be able to get closely acquainted with more than 100 playable games and there will be a dedicated arcade games section - all free to play once you've paid for admission - no 20ps needed here