closely allied

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"It will give me great pleasure, sir," said the Owner of a Silver Mine, "to serve one so closely allied to me in - in - well, you know," he added, with a significant gesture of his two hands upward from the sides of his head.
When we look to the hereditary varieties or races of our domestic animals and plants, and compare them with species closely allied together, we generally perceive in each domestic race, as already remarked, less uniformity of character than in true species.
This point, if it could be cleared up, would be interesting; if, for instance, it could be shown that the greyhound, bloodhound, terrier, spaniel, and bull-dog, which we all know propagate their kind so truly, were the offspring of any single species, then such facts would have great weight in making us doubt about the immutability of the many very closely allied and natural species--for instance, of the many foxes--inhabiting different quarters of the world.
On the wide uninhabited plains of Patagonia another closely allied species, O.
Negro, in Northern Patagonia, there is an animal of the same habits, and probably a closely allied species, but which I never saw.
But she was still an ape, a huge, fierce, terrible beast of a species closely allied to the gorilla, yet more intelligent; which, with the strength of their cousin, made her kind the most fearsome of those awe-inspiring progenitors of man.
The UAE has been more closely allied with Southern secessionist elements than the Saudis ever were.
The origins of modern-day terrorism were incubated in states that were closely allied with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
Iran considers both groups to be closely allied with the Islamic State terrorist network, but that it is also supported by US allies Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
closely allied to the collector strips is the add, a feature of most pantographs operating on network rail infrastructure.
Al-Zayani added, "Across the Middle East, we have Iranian proxy groups spreading hatred, division and violence and working with their allies overseas as they try to undermine the states of the region." On Yemen, he said there is no doubt, that "the Houthi militias are closely allied and assisted by Iran and its proxies like Hezbollah.
Gibbons is closely allied with Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, whose Top Rank Inc.