closely associated

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References in classic literature ?
The notion of benevolence especially was very closely associated with his sense of the power of the men in blue.
Had Rose stood her ground on this matter, undoubtedly all her after life might have been different, but she was of those women whose charm and whose folly lie in their sensitiveness to the moods and contentment of the people most closely associated with them.
The extracts from the will and the letter -- those last memorials of her father, now so closely associated with the purpose which had possession of her mind -still lay before her.
A key finding of the study--and one that requires more study was that the role of caregiver is not as closely associated with gender as in the past, the authors said.
In the past, all dancers came from the National Ballet of Canada, The Royal Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre--the four companies with which Bruhn felt most closely associated (although upon occasion another company has been invited to send a dancer if one of the core groups could not).
Ammann was closely associated with the '80s painting boom, but the collection also includes major works by artists such as Barbara Kruger, Alfredo Jaar, and Louise Bourgeois; all three are slated for upcoming shows.
has been most closely associated with touching off an explosion of development on the New Jersey Gold Coast, but we have another story that is equally impressive.
Sadly, the holiday's importance is fading now, too closely associated in progressive minds with the dreaded ``dead white males'' of the past.
These three authors closely associated cannibalism with the practitioners's lust for revenge, not their hunger.
In Ortleb's view AIDS is caused by human herpesvirus 6 and closely associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Our results suggest that hippocampal activation is more closely associated with the actual recollection of a past event than with the effort involved in attempting to remember the event," contend Daniel L.
Since 2004, Crossroads Hospice has been closely associated with author and motivational speaker Jim Stovall, in bringing their version of his "Ultimate Gift" to their patients, families, and communities.