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We will closely examine the actions of those involved in the spill.
This brief will closely examine the compensation and benefits data collected from these community college CEOs, highlighting similarities and differences within key variables such as gender, race or ethnicity, college type, college region, and college size.
In the event of a United Airlines/Continental Airlines merger proposal were added to the proposed US Airways/Delta Air Lines combination, the organization said, then it "would mandate that the DOJ and Congress shift from a one-off analysis of specific merger transactions and instead closely examine the future construct for domestic US and international commercial aviation marketplaces.
Customers should closely examine the interoperability/compatibility matrix to ensure that their current infrastructure (or components that they might purchase in the future) will work with the 4Gb/s solution being considered.
Congress should hang its head in shame, and ought to more closely examine the Galveston County plan and use it as a successful model for the nation.
Tupac" explores complexity, forcing us inward to consider tiffs controversial icon as a microcosm in which to closely examine the world.
It will closely examine "communities of practice" in organizations.
When you closely examine O'Neill's business record both at International Paper Company and Alcoa, his real talent was as a likeable cutter-taking bloated companies, trimming the fat and making everyone involved happy to boot.
The dramatic increase in the numbers of employed women into the labor market, combined with the rise of dual earner families, has led researchers to closely examine the changing roles of work, family, and community.
Ask each participant to pick a potato and closely examine it for three minutes, getting to know its spots, bumps, and scars.
Closely examine the window fit to make sure there are no leak-prone gaps.
In states where surveyors already use quality indicator data to focus survey activity, facilities report that surveyors closely examine clinical areas that exceed the statewide average by as little as 5%.