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Meanwhile, the United States has said that it will closely examine Pakistan's debt position.
That was the reasons behind the delay of adopting the law, he stated, adding that the committee should closely examine both draft laws to come up with the best law which serves the interests of the consumer.
FolsomAEs commentaries closely examine the language of each section, while MerrillAEs step back to view each section in an international context or to examine it in relation to other poets who have in some way responded to WhitmanAEs language.
Atheism: The Case Against God is intended to destroy the myth of a supreme being that has all but dictated the movements and choices of mankind over the eons, and uses a blend of scholarship and criticism to closely examine and refute the "proofs" other scholars and theists have presented to support the idea of God.
The team must closely examine the customer- associated traits of switching behavior, including life stage and life style, demographics, etc., and the likeliness of substituting under each of these circumstances.
I urge the voters of Worcester County to closely examine the qualifications of both candidates in this race and re-elect Stephen Abraham on Nov.
In an advisory, the FDA urged the public to closely examine canned goods before buying them, especially those "on sale or offered with discounts."
To understand how this undertaking has been made possible, we are taken on a journey into the past to more closely examine the four key advancements in railway technology.
Finally, the Commission will closely examine whether agreements between the airport operators and Ryanair (such as discounts on airport charges, etc) are non-discriminatory vis-a-vis competitor airlines.
Last month, Thailand's bourse stated that CIMB's listing would be postponed for a couple of months from June to have time to more closely examine legal issues.
"During the course of the inquiry, Warwickshire Police has commissioned a series of specialist reports from scientific experts in order to closely examine techniques and provide expertise into aspects of the inquiry."
"Jewish Sacred Music & Jewish Identity" is a must for anyone who wants to more closely examine the relationship between culture, religion, and its music.