closely related

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Specialist in Respiratory Medicine, Dr Ashraf also said seasonal influenza vaccines include several different influenza viruses, even if one of the viruses is not closely related, the other viruses in the vaccine are likely to be closely related and therefore offer good protection.
If you aspire to run for the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) later this year, be sure you're not closely related to any incumbent national or local official.
On February 11, 2014, the Federal Budget announced a number of changes to section 156 "Election for Nil Consideration" of the Excise Tax Act ("ETA"), which allows supplies between qualifying members of a closely related group to be made free of GST/HST.
The 16S rRNA and hsp65 genes and ITS1 region are closely related to those of M.
Algiers, Safar 21, 1435, Dec 24, 2013, SPA -- Algeria confirmed supporting Yemeni unity and stability against different threats and supporting the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states' sponsored initiative for Yemen and its closely related executive mechanism.
Chinese horseshoe bats carry two viruses that are closely related to the coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, in people.
These species clearly are more closely related to humans than other australopiths from East Africa, according to research appearing in Science, which reveals that both sediba and africanus share about the same number of dental traits with the first undeniably human species.
According to the new study conducted by researchers from the University of Utah, a bird from one breed may have huge foot feathers, while a closely related breed does not, yet two unrelated pigeon breeds both may have large foot feathers.
For nearly 200 years, botanists have debated which plants are most closely related to rafflesias.
Closely related to the black walnut--and sometimes called the "white walnut"--butternuts range further north than their walnut cousins.
Howard Responds: The prevailing wisdom is that chocolate contains caffeine in low amounts, but there is debate in the scientific literature, mainly centering around the difficulty in distinguishing between caffeine and theobromine, a closely related compound.
By zeroing in on the DNA segments that closely related dog breeds have in common, the scientists hope to track down the genes, or units of hereditary material, that gave rise to shared traits, such as size, a pointy nose, or even wrinkly skin.