closely united

See: compact
References in classic literature ?
As soon as we have a certain number of worthy men in every state, each of them again training two others and all being closely united, everything will be possible for our order, which has already in secret accomplished much for the welfare of mankind.
We will not venture to say whether it was from terror created by the threats or from tenderness at seeing four friends so closely united.
As to getting very closely united to him, I am not fond enough of him for that.
It is a tremendous opportunity for me to be joining this closely united British company that has been growing in the Middle East and I look forward to using my experiences to help Alderley continue on this upward trend.
She analysed what she described as the "two Britains", one of which consisted of families that stayed closely united, steering their way through difficulties.
It is time for Kuwaitis to be closely united to confront internal and external challenges and to boost the nation-building process," he said in remarks published by local Arabic daily Al Qabas on Tuesday.
But in reality, the pair are more closely united by their shared murderous lust for cash.
Ron Drylie, owner and President of Access1Source Nevada, commented, "Changes in the business arena demand that Payroll and Human Resource outsourcing companies stay closely united to their software provider in order to effectively meet the requirements and demands of today's competitive marketplace.
The whole Chinese people, of different ethnic groups, closely united around the anti-Japanese and national united front initiated by the (Communist Party) and finally made an indelible historic contribution to the victory of the World Anti-fascism War by carrying out a very difficult struggle and paying an enormous national sacrifice,'' Xinhua said, citing Hu's remarks.
Knowledge and action are closely united, as are faith and life.
Because of the Incarnate Son, the material realm is even more closely united with its invisible origin and goal.