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began to close in, Milken paid what amounted to hush money to try to keep his staff closemouthed.
Despite her country's openness, Holt was rather closemouthed about her ceremony.
As a middle-aged woman, though, she finds herself in A Natural Curiosity responsible for a half-mad mother, two beefy sons and a closemouthed, resentful daughter.
While a host of unresolved definitional and regulatory questions remain -- and agribusiness and industry are being closemouthed about their eventual reaction -- Pope summarizes: "Anybody who's discharging into the Sacramento or San Joaquin Rivers will probably have to stop using arsenic-containing pesticides, stop handling benzene in ways that cause it to spill into the ground, and look at things like cooling towers, where large volumes of water are going through chrome-plated metal surfaces, sending chromium lead and other heavy metals leaching off into the rivers.
But whereas Wright was loquacious and forthcoming about himself (if not always truthful), Sullivan was verbose on the subject of architecture and closemouthed about his personal life.
now retired, who threatened to fire anyone who talked about him with the press, were closemouthed.