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It enabled the company to streamline the entire process and focus our resources on completing the closeout audits of a multi-billion dollar entity in an astonishingly efficient manner.
Recognizing the importance of termination or closeout, netting, and collateral in financial market transactions, the Secretary of the Treasury on behalf of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets transmitted to the Congress, in March 1998, proposed legislation that would amend the banking laws and the Bankruptcy Code.
Bernadette Archuleta, Closeout News' general manager, says, "Consumers are more savvy about where to find the best merchandise for the best price.
It's just a quick and simple money-saving shopping experience," said Retail Closeout Mall's customer relations director Henry Jergens.
Finally, I also intend to task the contract closeout working group to continue developing and pursuing other initiatives to facilitate contract closeout.
Fisher explained our interest in being aware of developments and in reducing the risk of an abrupt and chaotic closeout of Long-Term Capital.
MacFrugal's, based in Los Angeles, operates 321 closeout stores in 18 states under the names Pic 'n' Save and MacFrugal's Bargains Close-Outs.
Moreover, Closeout Paradise features a lowest-price guarantee and a hassle-free return policy.
As a liquidator, the Company, through Unlimited Closeouts and iTrustee, purchases overstocks, order cancellations and discontinued products from major manufacturers and importers, then sells the merchandise to major retail chains, other resellers or the public.
The new commercials continue to focus on our core strength -- the closeout moment and the excitement of the Big Lots shopping experience," says Big Lots Senior Vice President of Marketing Kent Larsson.
Closeout process: A simplified closeout process makes it even easier to assign winners, identify items that have a winner, have not met reserve or have no bids, as well as differentiate between items available for online bidding online and those available both online and at a live auction.
The national TV campaign will feature commercials highlighting the closeout moment -- the excitement and thrill of the Big Lots shopping experience," stated Big Lots Chairman and CEO Michael Potter.