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Patients in group A underwent open appendectomy with closure of peritoneum while patients in group B had non-closure of peritoneum during the same procedure.
According to Dominic, the recent growth of plastic closures has been driven partly by the associated gain in share of plastics containers and partly by further advances in closure design, materials and systems.
The inflammatory process is more pronounced in cases of extensive tissue damage, and wound closure is prolonged secondary to a delay in epithelial union across the wound.
The closure affects 80 of the mill's 795 employees.
Elbow pouch with hook-and-pile closure for internal elbow pad inserts
Despite the promising findings and advances, most researchers don't think that PFO closure is ready for prime-time use in treating migraines.
And the phrase is "seeking" closure, not "searching for" closure, "looking for" closure, or "finding" closure.
Although closure signifies the ending of the present counseling relationship, many family counselors conceptualize closure as the start of a working relationship between counselor and family that may be summoned in future times of crisis or during a difficult life transition.
The Case Execution Performance Tool (CEPT) is a new tool for Department of the Navy (DoN) foreign military sales (FMS) case, managers (CM) to assist them in the management of financial, logistics and closure data.
The Quarter-Turn Sqeeze-LoK, a one-piece squeeze-and-turn closure, is a child-resistant closure designed for liquid products.
If you own or operate an underground storage tank (UST), federal regulations require that by December 22nd of this year, all existing USTs must comply with mandated performance standards or upgrade requirements, depending on the age of the tank, or be closed in accordance with applicable closure requirements.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued a proposed statement, Accounting for Certain Liabilities Related to Closure or Removal of Long-Lived Assets, that would require certain obligations to be recognized on the balance sheet as liabilities and measured at the present value of the estimated future cash outflows needed to satisfy them.