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6,8] In addition, blood clot formation might result in urinary catheter occlusion and thus inadequate drainage.
Athletes should exercise vigilance in the crucial 24 hours after an endurance event, which may present an especially susceptible period of clot formation.
Since AD has been linked with abnormally high levels of fibrinogen--a protein critical for blood clot formation--the researchers performed a series of experiments examining the relationship between beta-amyloid and clot formation.
Factor V Leiden has been examined as a risk factor for other pathologic conditions that may be less directly related to increased clot formation.
Stroke can be subdivided into two types: * Ischemic stroke: caused by blockage of the brain blood vessels due to clot formation and accounting for approximately 84% of all stroke cases.
Specifically, the two partners have confirmed that high-molecular-weight fucoidan in Kjellmaniella crassifolia, which has an average molecular weight of 200,000, can inhibit the clot formation.
The duration of travel and taking several flights within a short space of time also increased the likelihood of a clot formation.
Zipes: Atrial fibrillation (AF) can predispose to blood clot formation, which can lead to a stroke.
The regulators decided that more research is needed to determine whether drugs targeting anemia in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy affect tumor growth, clot formation or patient survival.
The author postulates that the hyperhomocysteinemia predisposed this patient to clot formation in the left internal jugular vein and this in turn led to the development of the Meniere's symptoms.
Experts at the University of Birmingham have been awarded a grant from the British Heart Foundation to examine the process of clot formation and its role in the development of disease of the arteries.