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In the law of Defamation, a formal recanting of the libelous or slanderous material.

Retraction is not a defense to defamation, but under certain circumstances, it is admissible in Mitigation of Damages.


Libel and Slander.


n. 1) to withdraw any legal document in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding, or withdraw a promise or offer of contract. 2) in defamation, particularly libel, the correction of any untruth published in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast on radio or television usually upon the demand of the person about whom the damaging false statement was made. A clear and complete retraction will usually end the right of the defamed party to go forward with a lawsuit for damages for libel. In most states a retraction must be demanded before the suit is filed, in order to cure the problem without litigation. (See: defamation, libel)


noun abjuration, abolishment, cancellation, contradiction, countermand, disannulment, disavowal, gainsaying, negation, nullification, palinode, recall, recantation, recision, repeal, repudiation, rescindment, retractation, reversal, revocation, taking back, unsaying, voidance, withdrawal
Associated concepts: retraction of erroneous or defamatory statements
See also: abjuration, abolition, ademption, annulment, breach, cancellation, change, correction, countermand, defeasance, denial, negation, renunciation, repudiation, rescision, reversal, revocation
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In this work, we evaluated the properties of lavender oil in vitro towards platelet aggregation induced by various agents (ADP, arachidonic acid, collagen and the stable thromboxane receptor agonist U46619) and its effect on clot retraction induced by thrombin.
Fibrin clot retraction was induced by addition of 50 [micro]l thrombin 20 U/ml.
Clot retraction is a physiological event which requires the presence of activated fibrinogen receptor [alpha]IIb[beta]3 on the platelet surface, bound to extracellular fibrinogen or fibrin and anchored to intracellular actin and myosin.