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Blood clots are generally rare, but sometimes happen to otherwise healthy people, even those who are not taking CHCs.
The drug is also being increasingly used to prevent clots in cats, but limited research has been done to assess its effect.
The results now show that the device safely removes brain clots, even long stringy ones.
You may also be prescribed anticoagulant medicine if you've had surgery and are at risk of developing blood clots in a part of the body such as your heart or through inactivity.
She was given bloodthinning medicines and was told her clots could have been fatal.
In reality, two thirds of blood clots occur in hospital or 90 days following discharge.
Patients on medical evacuation travel sometimes have conditions that are major risks for intravenous blood clots.
The clot "did not result in a stroke or neurological damage," doctors said in (http://www.
The study revealed that the incidence of blood clots was higher in patients with a history of cardiovascular disease or previous blood clots, as well as in patients who had coexisting medical conditions, including diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and some types of cancer.
Professor of orthopaedic surgery Dr Gamal Hosni says that as many as 75 per cent of patients with bone fractures may suffer from clots, especially pulmonary embolism (PE - a blood clot that blocks a vessel in the lung).
After institutional review board approval, a series of experiments were performed to identify the most effective reagent, optimum concentration, and protocol to treat clots before cell culture initiation.
Consultant haematologist Dr Trevor Baglin explains that the highest risk group for blood clots are patients who are hospitalised, particularly those undergoing surgery, especially to the legs.