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The online National Blood Clot Alliance Stop the Clot Support Community, powered by Inspire, is an important extension of the organization's Women & Blood Clots program, which NBCA recently introduced in partnership with the Alexandra L.
A blood clot or thrombus is the end stage of blood coagulation process in hemostasis.
The results now show that the device safely removes brain clots, even long stringy ones.
To prevent this, the blood forms clots that create a seal over the wound.
It has been launched to change perceptions about risk after research shows that 62% of Welsh people think they are more likely to develop blood clots on an aeroplane than in hospital.
It has been estimated that 1,250 people are risk of death every year in Wales from blood clots they may develop while they are in hospital.
The risk of blood clots substantially increases where pre-existing conditions promote clotting (see table below).
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a blood clot in a vein located between her brain and her skull, but is expected to make a full recovery, according to a statement from doctors at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Professor of orthopaedic surgery Dr Gamal Hosni says that as many as 75 per cent of patients with bone fractures may suffer from clots, especially pulmonary embolism (PE - a blood clot that blocks a vessel in the lung).
Consultant haematologist Dr Trevor Baglin explains that the highest risk group for blood clots are patients who are hospitalised, particularly those undergoing surgery, especially to the legs.
It would have been nice to have gotten more direct information of why she collapsed and why she had the blood clots,'' Zoo General Manager John Lewis said.
A study involving 210 patients with limb and lung blood clots and 210 healthy people found that clots were twice as common in patients who had recently travelled and significantly higher in patients at risk.