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Evaluation of 5 Thrombolytic Drugs on Clotted Peripheral Blood Specimens
The clotted samples were then treated with alteplase, urokinase, streptokinase, tenectoplase, or reteplase.
Comparison Between Alteplase and ACR on Clotted Peripheral Blood Specimens
The sodium heparin tube and 1 clotted tube from each donor served as controls.
Geimsa-trypsin-Leishman-banded slides were prepared from both standard and high-resolution cultures established from the alteplase, ACR, sodium heparin, and untreated clotted samples for each of the 10 specimens.
Assessment of metaphase cells from the clotted peripheral blood specimens treated with the 5 thrombolytic drugs indicated that 2 drugs, alteplase and urokinase, yielded metaphase cells of a quality and quantity (at least 20 metaphase cells) sufficient for routine chromosome analysis.
In this Phase I/II proof of concept study, 22 dialysis patients with clotted grafts received ImaRx's MRX-815 nanobubble and various levels of ultrasound with or without t-PA, a thrombolytic agent commonly used to clear clots.
There are nearly 181,000 hemodialysis patients in the United States that require some form of annual treatment to clear clotted grafts, creating an estimated $90 million potential market.