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A traveler developing a blood clot may need to be tested for inherited clotting disorders and other conditions.
For decades, people have known that blood-clotting proteins have to bind to a cell membrane in order for the clotting reaction to happen," said James Morrissey.
Predicting risks associated with these transient alterations in inflammatory and clotting factors will require more research and discussion.
That's just one clue as to what's happening in the body, where a slew of clotting factors interact.
Contraceptive drugs contain hormones known to promote clotting, the researchers note.
reported an increased susceptibility to clotting in rabbits that had inhaled carbon nanospheres.
A new international study, however, indicates that a drug that speeds blood clotting can reduce death and disability after a bleeding stroke, provided that the person is treated promptly.
Downing a beer a day alters the structure of fibrinogen, a blood protein active in clotting.