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As one of the nation's fastest growing providers of hemophilia clotting factors and other specialty pharmaceuticals the company's clinical staff reaches patients and physicians in 43 states.
The clotting also depended on fibrinogen concentrations in the blood, which vary among people.
Now, people with hemophilia typically treat themselves with injections of purified clotting protein.
Drugs that diminish the activity of factor XI might work to ease clotting without causing side effects--such as bleeding--that complicate current anticlotting drug therapy, Meijers says.
The proposed methodology and the electronic implementation of such methodology were to provide savings to the State by reducing reimbursement payments for blood clotting factor by approximately 5-10%.
Hess presumed that water in the blood there would dissolve the two proteins and stimulate clotting.
Normal blood quickly gels when it spills from blood vessels, but that of people and dogs with hemophilia B lacks a clotting protein called factor IX.
In these people, the drug more effectively keeps platelets from teaming up with a protein called fibrinogen and initiating a cascade of events that leads to clotting, the researchers report in the April 25 Lancet.
Both PlA genes code for protein receptors on the surface of platelets, the disk-shaped cells active in the clotting process.
FXIII is the terminal enzyme in the clotting cascade and is responsible for strengthening blood clots.
These proteins, three of which are described in detail in the March 5 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offer the potential of safer or more potent drugs to prevent thrombosis, the dangerous clotting of blood within veins and arteries that can lead to strokes or heart attacks.
NASDAQ/NM:PHAR), a leader in theranostics specializing in the management of therapeutics affecting coagulation, today announced the results of its ELECT (EvaLuating Enoxaparin Clotting Times) study during a meeting of study investigators and invited audience.