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cloud on title (cloud)

n. an actual or apparent outstanding claim on the title to real property. "Clouds" can include an old mortgage or deed of trust with no recording showing the secured debt was paid off, a failure to properly transfer all interests in the real property (such as mineral rights) to a former owner, a previous deed which was improperly written or signed, an unresolved legal debt or levy by a creditor or a taxing authority, or some other doubtful link in the chain of title. Often the "cloud" can be removed by a quiet title action, by finding a person to create or execute a document to prove a debt had been paid or corrected. Title companies will refuse to insure title to be transferred with a "cloud," or they will insure ownership except for ("insure around") the "cloud." (See: chain of title, quiet title action, mortgage, deed of trust, reconveyance, title, title report)

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The launch of Cloud Drive, Cloud Player for Web and Cloud Player for Android eliminates the need for constant software updates as well as the use of thumb drives and cables to move and manage music.Our customers have told us they don't want to download music to their work computers or phones because they find it hard to move music around to different devices.
Amazon Cloud Drive is already accessible on the web, iOS and Android devices, Fire TV, Fire phone and Fire tablets.
Orbeus said it has released PhotoTime 2.1.0, the latest version of the company's popular auto-tagging app that enables users to conduct a fast search for photos across photo albums, social network platforms and cloud drives.
Online retailer Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) said on Wednesday that it has made three enhancements to Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.
If you want, you can go for the option of automatically save your purchases to your Cloud drive whenever you buy any digital download from the Amazon MP3 Store.
Customers wishing to take advantage of the HP Cloud Drive online storage offering but requiring more than 2 GB of online storage will be charged an additional fee after the first 30 days.
Recently, cloud-computing giant Amazon as part of its promotional offer to push its music locker service, Cloud Drive, offered Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album for 99 cents.
Buyers will also receive 20 GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive storage, for storing and playing music anywhere.
In an attempt to draw more people to their Cloud Player, with the download, customers will receive 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage from Amazon.
Also, following the November launch of Prime Photos, members uploaded nearly one billion photos with free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.
Amazon is also offering 20GB of Cloud Drive storage - its music locker service which it launched in March - for free with the album.