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Today we will start to see much cloudier conditions, which will be quite humid at first but will then start to turn cooler.
Even in Oregon - which has a much cloudier climate than California or Arizona - generating energy from the sun is possible.
Poor marks for clear pricing make things even cloudier.
Forecasters say Tuesday is likely to be cloudier, but temperatures will continue to rise in many areas.
Sunday will be a cloudier day than Saturday but with slightly higher temperatures.
As well as providing a direct shading effect, sulphate particles also act as nuclei around which water droplets form, making skies cloudier.
Merco Group's Coconut Grove Hotel, formerly the Wyndham Grand Bay Hotel, was the object of a foreclosure action in August, and itsfuture is growing cloudier.
Most of Britain will see sunshine today, although it will be cloudier in some northern and eastern parts, where there could be patches of drizzle.
Compared to the prior year's period, sales as well as operating earnings increased in spite of the cloudier general economic conditions, especially in the U.
After some cloudier and cooler weather over Tuesday and Wednesday, high pressure will dominate.
The incentive for commenting on others' papers was cloudier, Mathur notes.
The debris would make lakes cloudier, blocking the penetration of sunlight and its potential poison-removing effects.