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4 quarts fresh apple cider (the cloudier, the better)
The legal muddle is due to get cloudier still in 2006,when E.
In the interim, however, the picture is much cloudier.
The already hazy picture of job creation got even cloudier recently thanks to President Clinton's signing of the Republican-endorsed Welfare Reform Bill.
Here we are again--stuck with trying to figure out what to do about another Presidential election, another choice of a lesser evil in which the adjective gets cloudier and cloudier while the noun gets clearer and clearer.
The picture becomes even cloudier if the debt exceeds the property's fair market value.
Environmentalists once saw the electric car as the wave of the future, but now it's prospects are cloudier.
With the cloudier economic climate after the credit crunch, combined with higher fuel prices and accelerating food price inflation putting increasing pressure on cash-strapped consumers, discount stores are set to have a splendid future.
According to the Met Office, the outlook for the weekend is "mostly dry and breezy with some sunshine tomorrow, turning cloudier on Sunday, with rain overnight".
Today is expected to be dry but cloudier, with temperatures around 12C.
He said: "We're going to see a change to cloudier conditions across the UK.
It should be the same today and although the weekend and early part of next week may drop a little cooler and cloudier, the warm humid weather will be back.