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In jazzy colours they brighten a wardrobe even on the cloudiest of days plus, just five minutes in the drier and they are warm and snugly again.
On all but the cloudiest days, the sun is a compass in the sky.
For example, three of the authors analyzed the same building on the cloudiest day of the month (lowest PV generation).
Then shock the pool with the recommended clarifier and follow with filtration to clear up even the cloudiest water.
2 THE BODY SHOP Affordable beauty that does what it says - the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop has a host of great products, many with an SPF of 15 - essential even on the cloudiest of days.
The researchers found that even the cloudiest day delivered more light to the eyes than the brightest indoor lighting.
But even on the cloudiest of days in my memories, Uncle Lenny is always there.
Geography: Research which parts of the world tend to be cloudiest and which parts have mostly clear skies.
After all, went the conventional wisdom, there was always advertising revenue to fall back on, even in the cloudiest of business plans.
It rises from the cloudiest springs of human disposition, from our most crippling needs and passions.
Vital" signs, the cloudiest of windows into the body, have been transformed into serious objects of worry for my patients, while they contain no definite meaning for me.