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The Panasonic plasma displayed negligible crosstalk and no cloudiness, adding to the realism of the 3D effect.
Two current studies, one an analysis of overall cloudiness in the United States and the other a close look at the weather of Michigan, indicate that the United States has gotten cloudier.
Any cooling of the Earth that relies on light scattering, including tropospheric aerosol scattering and increased cloudiness, by particles will also result in reductions in direct sunlight that are several times the reductions in total sunlight," he added.
AccuWeather's RealFeel Temperature is a temperature index that incorporates all the elements that play a role in how the weather feels, including temperature, wind speed, humidity, solar intensity, cloudiness, precipitation, atmospheric pressure and elevation.
Fog in the Valley early today will later be replaced by partial cloudiness, with high temperatures between 65 and 70 and lows between 45 and 50, Slemmer said.
The recent NEI-NASA clinical trial looked at 380 eyes of people, aged 7 to 86, who had lenses ranging from clear to severe cloudiness from cataract.
Our forecast for a Bush presidency would be 'fair with frequent periods of verbal cloudiness.
A home-built airplane crashed amid cloudiness and light rain Friday morning, killing the pilot and scattering wreckage for 150 yards across the desert.
AccuWeather ReelFeel Temperature is a composite of the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation and elevation on the human body.
The long-range forecast for Saturday has partial cloudiness and temperatures in the 80s - but the skies can change quickly on the Atlantic coast.
They found that among 247 women ages 56 to 71, the use of vitamin C supplements (400 to 700 milligrams) for 10 years or more was linked with about 80 percent fewer cases of lens cloudiness - evidence of cataracts - compared with women who did not supplement.
The stations, one fixed and one portable, are capable of measuring dissolved oxygen, acidity, cloudiness, depth, temperature and the oxidation/reduction potential of water flowing within the river 24 hours a day without human intervention.