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cloud on title (cloud)

n. an actual or apparent outstanding claim on the title to real property. "Clouds" can include an old mortgage or deed of trust with no recording showing the secured debt was paid off, a failure to properly transfer all interests in the real property (such as mineral rights) to a former owner, a previous deed which was improperly written or signed, an unresolved legal debt or levy by a creditor or a taxing authority, or some other doubtful link in the chain of title. Often the "cloud" can be removed by a quiet title action, by finding a person to create or execute a document to prove a debt had been paid or corrected. Title companies will refuse to insure title to be transferred with a "cloud," or they will insure ownership except for ("insure around") the "cloud." (See: chain of title, quiet title action, mortgage, deed of trust, reconveyance, title, title report)

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'We can have the best view of this month's full moon or the 'Pink Moon' under cloudless and dark skies that is free from any obstructions like nearby buildings, infrastructures, or trees,' he said.
A cloudless sky and glorious sunshine was the backdrop to five exciting races involving some close finishes.
HONG KONG, May 7, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Self-sovereign identity application Blockpass and authentication service Myki today announced a major partnership combining the power of identity sovereignty and cloudless password security.
Mooching about in my shed-come-workshop the temperature reads 95degF, the sweat is dripping off me and outside in the garden under a cloudless sky I hear the dullest tones of my dearly beloved shouting "Tony, get in here quick".
MORNING I'd being skiing under cloudless blue skies in Wengen, Switzerland, my favourite ski resort, before a mid-morning stop for warming gluhwein followed by a long lunch at my favourite alpine restaurant.
Critique: A deftly crafted and entertaining novel by an author with a natural flair for creating memorable characters skillfully embedded in a narrative driven and multilayered storylines, Chris Fabry's "Under a Cloudless Sky" is a truly extraordinary read and unreservedly recommended as an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.
The area surrounding Moose Jaw has a high number of cloudless days, making it a good site for training pilots.
Furthermore, there is the effect of water vapour in the 8-14 ^m region that leads to increased cloudless sky temperature and thus underestimates cloud-base height with increasing zenith angle.
On Monday, as I headed to a Bernie Sanders event at the Philadelphia Free Library on a crisp, cloudless night, I encountered a short man with smudged glasses handing out flyers outside the venue.
And it will be a similar story for the next few days with sunshine and largely cloudless skies predicted for most of the week.
AS the golden slips slowly through the bright and cloudless new morning sky Its warm golden rays are scattered far and wide and as they happily dance a jig Through the fields of golden corn some of those rays slip quietly through The canopy of green leaves and on to the forest floor Bringing life and beauty into eagles cliff forest once more.
The weather prompted astronaut Tim Peake to take a picture of the nearly cloudless sky from the International Space Station.