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A "unity vote" of three million is one very big clout.
Marketing Clout is a new breed of marketing service provider for a new age of content-driven consumption.
O'Neill's successor, John Snow, was an effective salesman of Bush's policies, but he lacked clout in Congress or on Wall Street.
The result is a disaster, with Spitzer coming across as overbearing and drunk on his growing clout.
Building and applying the necessary clout to expose and overcome this top-down conspiracy is only possible through organization.
On a different subject, our cover story takes a look at Wal-Mart and some of the issues that surround its amazing growth and the economic and cultural clout that come with it.
While the Business Roundtable and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) have also wielded considerable influence with the agencies, he suggests their clout has been waning, while FEI's has risen.
Clout is another word for a lump of earth but has other meanings too that take us down a different path.
My tip at the start of the season was Wigan, simply because they had the financial clout to get quality in.
The new offices were declared open by Richard Clout, president of GMAC International Operations.