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The Celtic fringe, as it is sometimes disparagingly called, would reduce from about 16% to less than 8% of the UK population and consequently have diminished political clout." He added: "Taking Scottish MPs out of the House of Commons would make never-ending Conservative governments a real possibility.
We are continually waiting to see some form of financial clout being exercised in the transfer market and hopefully now Mike Ashley will realise that paying tuppence for players sometimes comes off but regrettably does not pay off all the time and it is time now for the club to show the supporters precisely where they are going.
Of course the Church has shown some clout in local elections, though selectively, though sporadically.
Our political leaders haven't got the clout to deal with it.
At a time when the majority of customers start their search for products and services online, Marketing Clout directors identified their requirement not only for a strategic thinker, but also a strong writer with a keen and active interest in social media.
Summary: Brussels - Morocco called, once again, on the European Union to "use its clout" to exhort Algeria to fully shoulder its responsibilities with regard to protecting Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud and the members of his family.
This requires the implementation of five levers: Coordination, Cooperation, Clout, Capability and Connection.
One set of tax-paying, rights-having people was being totally discounted in favour of others, who had more "clout" with the powers-that-be.
SO Gordon Brown stands up at the Labour conference and states that we need to stick together as a nation to have some clout.
Smith's clout and Lassiter's business acumen will be the elements that will help maintain Overbrook's longevity.--Nicole Marie Richardson
The alternative weekly is asking readers to send stories and pictures from neighborhood polling places that will be posted on its political blog "Clout City."
Dywed y Saeson: "Don't cast a clout till may is out".