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BEIRUT: A man with cloven hoofs in place of feet and a clay pot on his head sips liquor from a martini glass while riding on the back of a giant fish with legs.
yet you are only pig in the pen to sling mud bile and sh**e every inch your evil cloven hoofs trample", People Magazine reported.
In no other walk of life does the cloven hoof so quickly display itself.
Dubai Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, issued a ministerial resolution temporarily banning the import of animals with cloven hooves from Egypt.
Of the positive cases, 1,626 were discovered in Gharbiya governorate only," Minister Ismail said, adding that the ministry officials have isolated animals with cloven hooves in affected areas, in a bid to contain the outbreak.
1855: The "Devil's Footprints" appeared in snowbound South Devon - reportedly, between 40 and 100 miles of cloven hoofprints, eight inches apart in a single line and measuring four inches by two.
Here, it suffices to state that this article will attempt to apply this definition to a novella of Italo Calvino, The cloven Viscount.
Other demanding works have included the high-adrenaline Arden Court and the bestial, tuxedoed quartet in Cloven Kingdom.
Summary: ABU DHABI - The import of cloven hoof animals and other related products from Egypt to the United Arab Emirates have been banned by the countryAEs Ministry of EnvironmentC and Water.
Along the way players will battle through locations such as Rotterdam, Bonn, Luxemburg and Paris as Grayson discovers more about the Chimera, the mysterious Cloven, and answers questions raised in Resistance 2.
In the bubbling brew of elements that make up this assuredly self contained and beguiling fifth album from Alison and her collaborator Will Gregory, there's a healthy splash of Madonna essence, blended with zest of Kate Bush, all stirred round with David Bowie's cloven hoof.
this break: let the cloven atom shine in tourmaline