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Perhaps Frew's point is the hair-splitting one that the texts say cloven foot and I said cloven hoof. But in this particular context "foot" and "hoof are interchangeable, for the whole significance of these confessions rests on the iconographic convention that the Devil has one or both feet shaped like an animal's -- usually goat or cattle, sometimes horse or feline.
It would have to be broken down by a Hudson's instrument and I began to work the thin metal spiral up as sitting gasping in the mprint of a cloven hoof on olar plexus.
"I couldn't believe it - the footprints were in the shape of a cloven hoof. There were no other marks at all in the snow.
In the bubbling brew of elements that make up this assuredly self contained and beguiling fifth album from Alison and her collaborator Will Gregory, there's a healthy splash of Madonna essence, blended with zest of Kate Bush, all stirred round with David Bowie's cloven hoof. The helping of Tom Waits on the side gives the potion just the right, off-kilter balance.
"As a precautionary measure and because of the high state of alert in place it was decided to immediately check all our cloven hoof stock for signs of disease."