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In the case of children, these clowns help to normalise the hospital experience by providing distraction from medical issues and concerns, and allowing them an opportunity to laugh and play.
In the Gaza Strip, clowns have been used to heal children with post-war trauma.
In the words of Groucho Marx, "Clowns work as well as Aspirin, but twice as fast."
He started teaching me how to do the balloons and I asked if I could become a clown."
Millie asked some of the top performers in the industry for their advice and a Canadian clown helped her design her trademark facepaint.
We do practise home, but clowning in Silly "My favourite clown is actually not my dad - it's a Canadian clown called Annie Dolney or Annie Banannie - she's my idol and she helped me sort out my facepaint."
Rob, 52, has been wearing the trademark squirty buttonhole for 15 years and scooped the title of Best Auguste Clown at the International Festival of Clowns in 2015.
"My favourite clown is actually not my dad, it's a Canadian clown called Annie Dolney or Annie Banannie," says Millie.
"I will be a better clown than my dad," she pledges.
Throughout this seven-decade cultural conversation about clown
up these cues, examining the Clown Egg Register from the perspective of
and analyze the Clown Egg Register and the informal regulation of