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Despite the curly blond mop and clownish coat, the sixth Doctor Who was an altogether angrier and occasionally violent character.
handle the clownish act, You the man with a new hobby.
Wholly different in personality, temperament, and as writers--Frisch, the master of impersonality, metaphoric subtlety, variousness and elegance of form; Durrenmatt bizarre, satiric, almost clownish in his tragic-comic plays--the two groped and struggled over a lifetime to make their relationship (friendship?
Seniors Krystina Lightheart and Conor Gagner portray the title characters, while seniors Alec Pollara and Korey Roche play the villainous Gaston and clownish sidekick LeFou.
The new ad for his home baking range pits a spunky domestic supermodel-type against her clownish metrosexual himbo as they distribute sprinkles on cakes in aggressively artful fashion.
Dressed in an eccentric feathered coat, Neal Davies handled this role perfectly - not over playing his clownish traits, yet winning plenty of laughs.
But lost forever is Mom kissing a thumb blister boo-boo all better from a too-heavy bowling ball or Dad lacing up a pair of clownish rented shoes.
Peppo and Giacomo, rival suitors for Teresina's hand, become red-blooded rogues rather than the original's clownish cartoon characters.
This is, quite literally, a zany play and while the Thespians do not attempt naturalism they could have adopted an even more clownish approach.
OK, he is now 68 and in semi-retirement, but there is no doubt that back in the day the BBC made a fatal error by marginalising Davies and promoting the clownish figure of John Motson in their football coverage.
In defiance of this obituary and cruel regulation, a delegation of Israeli and American feminists, residents of neighboring towns, the clownish doctor Patch Adams and the Israeli Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (ICIRCA), traveled on Sunday to the Erez Checkpoint.