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In the Netherlands, not normally a country known for clownish politicians, the surge of populism was first led by Pim Fortuyn, a flamboyantly gay man who staged provocative, and always richly entertaining, public appearances.
The Concertino for Bassoon and Wind Instruments, described by the composer himself as a "merry oasis full of well-being", evokes the feeling of clownish laughter through the tears.
Similarly, Carol Mershon, politics professor at the University of Virginia, said "there is nothing clownish about the Grillo phenomenon".
handle the clownish act, You the man with a new hobby.
Wholly different in personality, temperament, and as writers--Frisch, the master of impersonality, metaphoric subtlety, variousness and elegance of form; Durrenmatt bizarre, satiric, almost clownish in his tragic-comic plays--the two groped and struggled over a lifetime to make their relationship (friendship?
Anthony captured the same clownish lasciviousness with which you imbued your faces at that time, and he brought that cheekiness to many of his other pictures too.
Fans and the press often laughed off his carefree attitude and clownish, selfish or insulting antics as just another instance of "Manny being Manny.
Let her eyes, / blinded for so long by grief, see again / what is just outside her window: / a red and white clownish woodpecker, / two nuthatches spiraling head first / down a tree, the neighbor in her / nightgown who holds out her hands / with five different kinds of seed.
Dressed in an eccentric feathered coat, Neal Davies handled this role perfectly - not over playing his clownish traits, yet winning plenty of laughs.