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In some cases, the clue might involve them filling out a crossword puzzle or a diagram that uses the terminology they've learned.
Then we went through each clue as a group, starting with the location clues, followed by the weapon clues, and finally the murderer clues.
CLUE can be a great resource for consumers who are charged high rates or denied coverage, said TDCI Assistant Commissioner for Insurance Michael Humphreys.
CLUES 1 Something sharp can hurt 2,3 Dry grass can be helpful 4 Four-legged beast arrived 5 Not an elaborate scheme 6,7 Get dirt off tin 8 Aiming to succeed in finding a headache cure.
We finally created an activity in Beirut that does not revolve around food and beverages," Maya Zankoul, co-founder of Clue Club, told The Daily Star.
html) Huffington Post , fans on Reddit have spotted more appearances of the big clue.
For example, while the map indicates a room or an area of the park, or museum, and so on, the clue could specify the object: "I'm blue and I'm round and I have water inside" - a vase.
vaginalis bacteria effectively adhere to these exfoliated epithelial cells, thus producing clue cells.
Once the new dental website is launched online, Clue will help boost its search engine visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) specifically designed for dental practices.
3 All you need are bowls, baskets or bags for the collectors and a trail of clues suited to the age group.
After an exhaustive search that has run for a quite a few years, the team discovered no 16-clue puzzles, which implies there are no 15 or fewer clue puzzles either, so the minimum must be 17.
Read the clues and try to solve the two mystery puzzles.