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Tuesday, July 14 - 500 Days of Summer (12A, 6pm) Thursday, July 16 - The Great Gatsby (12A, 6pm) Friday, July 17 - Clueless (12, 6pm) Saturday, July 18 - Frozen (PG, 1pm); Independence Day (12, 6pm) Sunday, July 19 - Finding Nemo (U, 1pm); Ten Things I Hate About You (12, 4pm) Tuesday, July 21 - The Theory of Everything (12A, 6pm) Thursday, July 23 - Batman Begins (12A, 6pm)
Fashions have changed but issues are the same ANNA'S STORY WHAT a brave and exciting new world Clueless showed us 20 years ago.
where the solution to Clueless in Seattle promises to be more than an evening of fun and refreshments.
We are very excited about this distribution partnership with Cooking for the Clueless," said Alok Ranjan, CEO of iFood.
It includes profiles of some of the more common bad bosses, such as the No-Boss Boss, the Pass the Buck Boss and the one that is Clueless but Connected.
When the clueless or careless auction off "labtop computers," "camras," and "sapphires," they do get bidders, but rarely very many.
But," she continued, "I can imagine that there are many things that priests are clueless about.
Although buying a home is usually the largest single purchase in a person's life, many of us are clueless when real estate agents start using terms like "title search," "closing cost," "mortgage lock-in" and "settlement.
Most of these people arrive totally clueless - and go home totally clueless
In "Nobody," a hunky stud (Rui Pinto) tries to bonk his clueless girlfriend (Adriana Queiroz), but an even hunkier gay lover (Benvindo Fonseca) turns the tables, forcing him into the girl's role.