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(Wanda was the worst off herebecause Wanda was clueless all along) "Ben and [Presidential Communications Secretary Martin] Andanar manipulated the whole thing," he claimed.
Clueless took $56 million (Dh205.6 million) at the US box office on release, but has had a considerable afterlife in pop culture -- with phrases such as "As if!" popularised by the film -- and on TV and even the stage.
"I did a bunch of movies, and then nine movies later, I did Clueless. When it's like, 'That's Alicia Silverstone!,' everywhere I went, it was a lot for a little person.
The "Clueless" actress filed for divorce from Christopher Jarecki on Friday, May 25, 2018 in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
medical closed in There living Brexit should be more than a game in Theresa May's divided and clueless Tory government...
And it is a scandal that the Home Secretary is clueless.
Until this month, searching for Clueless on Netflix was as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has hit out the side's heavy Champions Trophy defeat to India, criticizing 'abysmal fielding', 'clueless' batting and Sarfraz Ahmed's leadership.
Clueless on EU BEFORE, during and after the European referendum, a whole lot of people pronounced with great certainty on what the outcome would be.
Hailee Steinfield |plays Megan Walsh Unfortunately, her ideas of how to dress and behave have come from watching films such as Clueless and Mean Girls.
Can Marty fix all of the trouble she has caused by being clueless?