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It's like one big happy place to share our foodie videos with friends and fans from around the world," said Cooking for the Clueless Founder Zuzy Martin Lynch.
THE STORY OF THE MAN BORN BLIND IN THE NINTH CHAPTER of John's gospel is everybody's story because we're all sightless and clueless in the beginning, wearing the blinders of ignorance and misinformation.
Of course, there are many things that priests are clueless about, for there is a great deal that all of us are clueless about.
Unfortunately, her ideas of how to dress and behave have come from watching films such as Clueless and Mean Girls.
Its place in pop culture history is now being marked in the new feature documentary film Beyond Clueless, which takes a look at teen flicks of the era, featuring clips of more than 200 movies from Clueless to Mean Girls and American Pie.
I think they are tactically clueless, that's an honest opinion," the 46-year-old pundit told (http://www1.
But Laurel and Hardy were funny, as well as being clueless.
The messenger RNA molecules made by clusters of clueless genes exhibited no more coordination than the messenger RNA from totally unrelated genes did.
Bobbins has rage issues -- she tasers witnesses -- while Frank is, simply put, so spectacularly clueless her mittens are still attached to her coat by string.
Even though that part of the novel goes a bit over the top, the story is witty and clever even while the characters are innocent and clueless.