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"Yes, Madam, if need were; but we don't want Mrs Bute Crawley to be a martyr," Clump said gallantly.
Remember always that there may be an enemy behind every bush, in every tree and amongst every clump of jungle grass.
The sleeping sentinel in the clump of laurel was a young Virginian named Carter Druse.
Rising, Rouletabille exclaimed again: "The deuce!" Presently he added: "Yet I believe Monsieur Robert Darzac to be an honest man." He then led me on the road to the Donjon Inn, which we could see on the highway, by the side of a small clump of trees.
Instead of finding the mountain we had ascended sweeping down in the opposite direction into broad and capacious valleys, the land appeared to retain its general elevation, only broken into a series of ridges and inter-vales which so far as the eye could reach stretched away from us, with their precipitous sides covered with the brightest verdure, and waving here and there with the foliage of clumps of woodland; among which, however, we perceived none of those trees upon whose fruit we had relied with such certainty.
She said that she did not wish him to drive her further, and they stopped just under the clump of trees.
The deer lay in a small open space close to a clump of acacias, and we had advanced to within several yards of our kill when we both halted suddenly and simultaneously.
It paused, head up, close by a clump of spruce trees, and with sight and scent studied the outfit of the watching men.
There's some big clumps o' columbine in th' garden.
And they didn't give me pills; they gave me clumps on the side of the head.
Here there are extensive heaths, with a few clumps of old Scotch firs on the distant hill-tops: within the last ten years large spaces have been enclosed, and self-sown firs are now springing up in multitudes, so close together that all cannot live.
There were clumps of thorn trees here and there, gorgeous in their spring radiance.