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3 over all vertices with clumpy PFPs bounds a quantity below by the number of vertices with clumpy PFPs, and summing an inequality given by Lemma 3.
The same sort of clumpy structures form when a bottle of oil and vinegar is turned upside down.
Sometimes my period is really light, and then it gets havey and even clumpy.
Basically, I laughed at myself,'' the disappointed but good-natured McCarron said after three-putting the final hole, the first putt from out of clumpy kikuyu about 25 feet from the cup.
Then there are his Arizona landscapes, which he started in 1941 - horizonless expanses of parched, clumpy ground.
From their low and clumpy "grass stage," the longleafs, even ones that appear scorched, will within months bolt skyward - 15-18 feet in two years was recorded recently at one Florida site.
The effect lasts well through the day, too, and I'm impressed that my lashes don't look clumpy when I top up with a fresh coat of mascara before heading out in the evening.
Frog spawn is clumpy, whereas toad spawn is in strings.
The international team of researchers detected a clumpy gas stream flowing quickly outwards and blocking 90 percent of the X-rays emitted by the black hole.
A recent survey of women''s trends men hate included wedge trainers, peplums, high waisted jeans, leggings and clumpy shoes, none of which have been spotted on Kate.
Rita, 23, teamed the clumpy Dolce & Gabbana footwear with a tabard-style woollen shapeless dress when she hit the streets in London, apparently on a househunting expedition.
Mix all the streusel ingredients with an electric mixer to a clumpy consistency.