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In the Cunningham edition, line two has been substantially revised from the original--'An' faith I'm gay an' hearty!'--to the much clumsier 'And faith I am gay and hearty!' There are other variants: 'fou' has become 'fu' (1.4), and the first comma from 'But Foorsday, Sir, my promise leal' is wanting (1.5), as is the comma from the end of the same line.
Men were far clumsier than women, they said, with 76% of them going for help, while careful ladies were only Harry Potter's Hermione would never break her phone responsible for 24% of phone breakages.
She is holding on, but, I remember now, is clumsier than me.
That social proclivity may be because they see people as bigger, clumsier versions of themselves, unlike dogs, which adjust their behavior when they see a person, as opposed to when interacting with another dog, according to John Bradshaw, the author of the 2013 book "Cat Sense."
Writing to his mother from Abbeville in 1868, Ruskin was delighted to find the weather lovely and the town "little spoiled yet" (19.xxxviii), but was "saddened by another kind of disorder--France is in everything so fallen back, so desolate and comfortless compared to what it was twenty years ago--the people so much rougher, clumsier, more uncivilized--everything they do, vulgar and base.
These concerns are not without merit, since open source software can be clumsier and less user friendly than proprietary software, but their utility should not be ignored.
If you were to ask a non-lawyer watching such a performance to describe what she saw, she would probably call it a clumsy speech, made clumsier by the frequent interruption of questions.
A large number of metacestodes in the intermediate host does not only increase the likelihood of successful infection of the definitive host but also causes the rodent to move in a clumsier manner and, thus, being more vulnerable and more easily detectable by its predators (Combes 2001, Poulin 2007).
If you keep on adding modules for each functionality, you will end up with something far clumsier than you would like to take out in the open, let alone flaunt.
Conversely, a longer variable name, although clumsier to write, is more descriptive and makes the body of a Logic Statement easier to understand by allowing the reader to focus on the meaning of the logic and reducing the likelihood that the reader will be distracted with searching for the variable definition.
Timothy Fosu-Mensah, making his first United start, then produced a fine, last-ditch challenge to deny the Nigerian striker, but his next challenge was far clumsier.
Which of course makes swimming attempts even clumsier.